WEATHER - Bradley Gardens, NJ (KSMQ) ~ Observed at Bradley Gardens

Friday…Light snow. Temperature in the mid 30s. Winds from the Northwest at 8 mph. Strong chance of snow around 90 percent.

Saturday…Clear. Temperature in the mid 20s. Winds from the Northwest at 11 mph. No chance of precipitation.

Sunday…Light snow. Temperature in the low 30s. Winds from the West Northwest at 7 mph. Slight chance of snow around 30 percent.

January 30, 2015
1:53 am EST


IR Satellite

Bradley Gardens (KSMQ) Light snow 30°
Doylestown Cloudy 28°
Elizabethport Light snow 31°
Ewing Cloudy 30°
Fairfield Light snow 29°
Linden Light snow 36°
Madison Light snow 32°
McGuire AFB Cloudy 34°
Sussex Light snow 26°
Whippany Light snow 32°
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